Saturday, August 22, 2009

Victory! Victory!

I had to post this video for my friend Will to see! These kids fell in love with him! He was so encouraging to them: each time they would score a goal, he would get them all together in a group and they would all shout "VICTORY! VICTORY!", then they would "pound, pound, pound, pound" before running off!!

Here's something I read on one of the blogs that I follow: "And God spoke so plainly. He did not apologize for my heartache, even better, He shared it."

I do not pretend to understand the love of God. Its too deep and unfathomable. I don't understand why God would allow people, let alone children, to live as they do. As you lay everything in your life on the altar before God, an amazing thing happens...
You realize that no one can take anything away from you. It wasn't yours to begin with.
No one can take advantage of your trust. Your trust is in the Lord not in man.
Your life is not your own, your belongings are not your own, and your grief is not your own. I say to you today, we can rejoice because we have been deemed worthy to suffer as Christ has suffered!

To be counted worthy, to suffer in His name - what a blessing that He allows a glimpse into what He endured for all!

Let us continue pushing forward for the cause of Christ. May we not forget in the darkness what God has shown us in the light.

So on a different note: I'm not completely excited that school has started back, but I'm enjoying relaxing time at my new apartment before the studying of nursing school sets back in too deep! This semester's rotations: OB and Peds! Pretty exciting/interesting stuff, might I add!! Actual clinicals start in two weeks and I can't wait! Until then, I'm soaking up as much friend time as possible!

I've missed sweet Mallory this summer!

This weekend makes my first trip home since the start of the semester. I've missed my family more than usual. (with the exception of my sister, who is now in Monroe with me!!!) The week before coming to Monroe, our dog had puppies, but she didn't make it all the way through the delivery. Needless to say, I spent my last few days at home feeding 2 newborn pups by bottle every 2 hours! Whew! But I'm excited about playing with them again this weekend!

Right now I'm enjoying some of needtobreathe's latest music. Check out their new album:

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  1. Kase, is will from Ole miss?
    I love seeing these videos. And I love you! Enjoy NURSING SCHOOL! :)