Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I was looking back through old blog posts a few days ago and realized I have not posted in almost two years! And boy, have things changed over the last two years! After much thought and a little encouragement from my sweet husband, I decided to start blogging again, mainly because we are away from family now and I wanted to continue to share our life with them! I plan on posting pictures, recipes, crafts, and happenings in the life of the Stewarts... Brady is also excited about sharing a few things, mostly about what he is learning in school!

 So, that being said, let me catch you up on the last two years..

I graduated nursing school and got my first "grown up job" (FINALLY!!)
We got hitched!!

Went on an awesome honeymoon!

Planted my first flowers :)

Brady graduated college!
(I promise he was WAY more excited than the picture indicates!)

Went on our first campout

(Yes, for those of you who know me, you know this is a highlight!)

Made my first wreath
(with the help of my sweet mother-in-law!)

Moved to Fort Worth...
(photo taken at FW water gardens)

...and Brady started seminary!

So here we are, at seminary in Fort Worth. We don't exactly have a plan for what we will do after seminary, but we're okay with that- We know this is where the Lord has called us to be for this season of our lives, so we are enjoying our time learning, growing, changing, and falling more in love with Him. We're thankful to be here and excited about sharing our adventures with you through the wonderful world of blogging :)

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