Sunday, November 15, 2009

Creator of Love

This morning I was having breakfast with some ladies before Sunday School began; one of them mentioned a friend, who was not a believer, had just adopted a young girl from China. The conversation was about the ‘good thing’ she was doing by adopting this girl. It was about her taking in a new daughter. It was about love. My mind started racing and immediately went to the Cross.. where beautiful, selfless love was poured out.
I couldn't help but think of my motives for doing "good things". Here is this woman who doesn't know Love, but still chooses to pay a GINORMOUS amount of money and take in an orphaned child to love. And I'm left wondering this. How can people separate the Love that I know and the love that this woman knows? I am loved by the CREATOR of love. I am continuously shown love by the one who invented it. I know love. True love. Can people look at the way that I love and the way this woman loves, and tell a difference? I pray that people can look at the love I show and tell that it’s different, that it’s real. May there be undeniable evidence of the Creator of LOVE in my life. Lord, teach me to love better...

Friday and Saturday I got to spend some much needed time with my sister. We spent a fun afternoon at Biedenharn Gardens, Kiroli Park, and just hanging out in town!


I have successfully completed my Maternity rotation for clinicals (and to much surprise, I REALLY loved it!) Now I am working on my Pediatric rotation at St. Francis Medical Center. One of my favorite parts of this rotation is play time! I love taking this sick kiddos to the playroom and seeing their imaginations come alive! Who ever knew that school could be so fun!?

One more thing... quite possibly the thing I am most excited about right now.. Exactly 4 weeks until I’m hanging out in an orphanage in Mexico, holding a sweet, smiling kid! Ah, I just cant wait!!

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  1. You blogged Kasey!!! Yay! And a lovely blog post it is my dear sister! I hope that others can see the difference in my love as well. Will you be home for Thanksgiving break? I need some Kasey time! I am so ready to talk about summer missions with you girl! And we so need to catch up on what all has happened in our lives this semester...I love you K!