Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, elephants!

We made it to Ghana! A little behind schedule, and spending some extra, unintended time at the Medical Centre, but we're here!

So we finally made it here. Sorry I have no pictures to post or anything super great to share. I just wanted to let you guys know that we have arrived! We're a little delayed on our schedule due to our sicknesses, but we've all gotten on antibiotics. This is day 4 of sickness and I am beginning to feel a little stronger. We have been entertaining ourselves by telling jokes and playing with chameleons! This evening the families that we will be staying with are coming here to meet us since we cannot move into their homes until we are healthy. The local believers have some ideas of how we can best minister to them and are excited about sharing those ideas with us! I am encouraged and very excited about this! Please pray that we would be healed of our sickness very rapidly so that we can leave the Medical Centre and move in with a native family and continue to do God's work! Please pray that the hope, freedom, and truth found in Christ alone will radiate through my words and actions as spend the remainder of my time with this family.

I am reminded again at how perfect God's timing is. Even in sickness. We were able to maintain health to finish our ministry in Burkina. We arrived safely at the Medical Centre. We will still be able to do our ministry in Ghana as well. I am thankful for these few days in between to rest.

I am refreshed, excited, and encouraged! I am beyond blessed to have so much joy fill my days! Sometimes it’s not easy to see it; sometimes I have to look really hard to find small pieces. I am praying everyday that the Joy of Christ will envelope this village; that they would see the light and be able to have hope...

In the words of Christy Nockels:
"You are able. Higher is our God
than anything that comes our way,
come what may. You alone forever stay.
You're able."


  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    That quite possibly WAS too much information, but I'm glad to have it - now I can pray with some wisdom! Bless your heart - and your tummy!
    Love you!
    In the words of Christy Nockels:
    With You...I can go anywhere, I can do anything
    'Cause You are the song I breathe.
    And with You, You are the air I breathe
    'cause you are my everything
    and I am an offering...
    Let your life light up, girl!

  2. Hey Kasey
    I'm glad you are feeling better. Sounds like quite an adventure for God that you are on. Bless you and the others in your group. The blessings of God that you are providing for the people of Ghana is wonderful and awesome. You are a strong, loving disciple. Stay safe and well.
    Love you,
    Mrs. Bennett

  3. Okay - you now have assisted me in taking my mind off of Jacob and his short run to the emergency room (had to have 16 staples in his arm - is doing great). Take care my baby girl, the Dr. Pepper's are getting cold!


  4. Bart and I were just laughing about this. Hope you're being safe!