Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When I visit one of the kid's family, it's hard. These people don't have a Bible. Even if I got one for them, they still wouldn't be able to read it. Yet they are still human. They still can't do it on their own. They are still in need a savior. And I'm still called to speak Truth to them.
Upon arriving at a home, I share a story from the Word and allow some time for them to think about it. Then comes life application and question time. I've gotten a lot of questions about truth lately: Absolute truth. Relative truth. Sources of truth. Is it possible for there to be more than one truth? If there is only one truth, is it possible for that truth to have more than one origin?

John 8:32 "Then you will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free."
John 14:6 "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life..."
Jesus is truth. Jesus is freedom. Jesus is life.

Today's story for the children at the Centre was about the Israelites being held captive in Egypt. You know the story... God uses Moses to bring His freedom to the people. God uses ordinary people, from start to finish. He's not looking for extravagent, talents, intelligence, or perfection. He's looking for a willing heart.
Today I had to opportunity to take this story one step further with some women. I shared with them about the Passover and how the death angel didn't enter any houses that had blood over the doorframe. The cool part is that the death angel didn't even open the door. He didn't look inside to see if it was a mess, he didn't check to see if there were idols inside, he didn't stop to question. He just saw the blood and that was enough. This reminds me of Christ's blood being shed for us. The blood of Jesus is enough to cover all of me. Sometimes the inside is gross, but Jesus' blood is all that is seen! Praise Him!

I have been begging God for an open door to share the Gospel with Jamila and her grandmother. And I can honestly say that once again I have been revealed God's faithfulness! Looking back on today, I sit in awe of my Creator! Today I let one of the girls use the French Bible while I used the English one. Together we read through some scriptures. Afterwards, she asked me if I could come to her house. One the way there, I saw Habiba (Jamila's grandmother) at the well again. I stopped to say hello and she took my Bible right out of my hand! She opened it to Deuteronomy and began to read out loud! After a little giggling, I encouraged Jamila to share with her some of the scriptures she has learned so far. Jamila opened it to John 3:16 and began reading! Habiba was very interested and inquizitive. Over the next 45 minutes, I proceeded to share the Gospel with her and answered some of her questions. She said she needed to think about it all and invited me to visit her again tomorrow so that we can discuss some more! She is having a difficult time grasping the concept of grace (who doesn't at some point or another?!) and is very caught up in "good works". By the time our conversation had ended, it was dark outside and there was no time to visit the other girl's home. For some reason, I was at peace about this, knowing that God's plan for the evening had taken place. Thank you, God, for not working on my agenda!

God doesn't always promise success. He just calls us to be obedient.


  1. wow... so thankful that the Lord is at work and is guiding your footsteps :) His word promises us that it does not come back void.... hold tight to that truth and know that He is at work in the hearts of Jamila and her grandmother. thank you for sharing Jesus with the world. they will never be the same. I LOVE YOU.

  2. Well don't worry about studying day one of the cross camp material, you got it covered!! and can I just say that you are awesome and I'm so encouraged by your stories and I want to be more like Jesus and more like you!!!
    I love you!!!