Friday, May 8, 2009

Level 2...

PASSED! YES!! Thank you, Jesus!! Level 3, here I come! It is so evident to me right now that God has a HUGE plan for my life. I'm excited to see what the future holds! And I'm ready to be a real nurse!
Now that the semester is over, I can finally catch up on things that have been put aside... like sleep! And time at home with my fun family! Here's some things that have kept me busy since I've been home:
My kid sister graduated high school!!!
Fun times at Jacob's soccer game
And time to hang out with friends!

Not so exciting things about ending the semester:
I'm gunna miss living with Jess...
(But YAY for getting married!!!! TSE!)
But hello to a new roomie!!

As I was driving home from Monroe, I was listening to podcast, and I was reminded of this:
So often we define ourselves by things of this world. We wrap our identity up in the wrong things. We get caught up in our appearance, our jobs, the way our house is decorated, or sometimes we even let our relationships define us. I constantly need to be reminded to let Christ's love define me. We are acceptable in God's sight, the beauty is we never have to EARN God's favor.. He already loves us!! So why do we spend so much time and money investing in things that aren't eternal?

Perry Noble put it like this: Think about the person you admire the most... What do you admire about them? It's probably not the way they look, their house, or even who they are dating or married to. It's probably something like how patient they are, their kindness, or maybe that they're great at forgiving! Appearance, money, decorations.... how much does it really matter?

Jesus in us coming out of us on a continuous basis is what makes us admirable and attractive.

God, teach us to see ourselves and others as You see us!

Let Christ's love define you.


  1. Aw Kase, I'm going to miss living with you too!! p.s. you are a great blogger, I love the perry noble stuff!!! and i love you!

  2. Great thoughts! Goes along with my memory verse for the second half of May:

    For Christ's love compels us, for we are convinced that one died for all, therefore all died.
    2 Cor. 5:14

    I want to be compelled by Christ's love!