Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friends= blessing!

The past few days have been crammed full of fun!

Thursday night we rented Fireproof and a bunch of fun friends came over to watch it and bake cookies! Then Vince, Casie, Wes, Ryne and I took a small study break/road trip to Vicksburg to hang out for a few hours! We got to sit on the hill and look over the river for a bit...

Friday afternoon was Oozeball!
Since we're all in nursing school, our team name was "The Big Shots"... with members Lidocaine Lyles, Morphine McKoin, Flonase Freeland, Prozac Parker, Paxil Piazza, and K-Dur Kessler!

We also got a funny picture of all of the level 2ers together!
Friday night Jess and I invited some fun girls over for
craft night!
Recipe to a night of fun: magazine clippings, scissors, pipe cleaners, stickers, construction paper, buttons, glitter, paint, and a little bit of glue! (oh, and cookie dough, cheesecake casserole!!)
The workers in progress:

My project:Finished products:

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  1. I love girls craft night! Looks like so much fun!!!